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Prepared Foods

Lamb - 9"
Lamb - 5"
Beef - 9"
Beef - 5"
Chicken - 9"
Chicken - 5"
Tourtière - 9"
Turkey & Stuffing - 9"


Pod Pies

Spicy Chicken (2/pkg.)
Beef (2/pkg.)
Cajun Beef (2/pkg.)
Cajun Pork (2/pkg.)
Tourtière (2/pkg.)
Taco Beef (2/pkg.)
Samosa (2/pkg.)
Artisan's Assortment (10/pkg.)


Shepherd's Pie

Beef (personal size)



Chicken Noodle (32 oz.)
Beef Barley (32 oz.)
Hearty Lentil Sausage Soup (32 oz.)


Meat Products

Breakfast Sausages (1 pkg. of 10)
Honey Garlic Sausages (1 pkg. of 4)
Apple Maple Sausages (1 pkg. of 4)
Italian Sausages (1 pkg. of 4)


Regular (1 lb)
Italian (1 lb)


4 Oz. Burgers (pkg. of 4)
6 Oz. Burgers (pkg. of 4)


  Lamb (prices are per pound) -->
Boneless Lamb Shoulder(whole) (4-5 lb)
Boneless Lamb Shoulder (half) (2-3 lb)
Lamb Shoulder Chops (2/pkg)
Bone-in Leg of Lamb (whole) (7-9 lb)
Bone-in Leg of Lamb (half) (3-4 lb)
Boneless Leg of Lamb (whole) (4-5 lb)
Boneless Leg of Lamb (half) (2-3 lb)
Lamb Stew (1 lb)
Ground Lamb (1 lb)
Lamb Loin Chops (4/pkg)
Rack of Lamb (whole)
Rack of Lamb (half)
Frenched Rack of Lamb (whole)
Frenched Rack of Lamb (half)
--> Some cuts of lamb and beef may be available by request in the Special Instructions below or call Brenda!


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Special Instructions:

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